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From Kat Nelson,
creator of wacojunqueandfunque.com

The idea for WacoJunqueandFunque.com, an online glimpse of unique and hard-to-find treasures found in locally-owned shops and businesses, began to take shape in 2014 at my birthday bash.

It was a celebration with my amazing friends Vicky and Lynn for drinks and dinner Friday night, followed on Saturday with antiquing, dinner and finally--an exhausted, shopped-out, wined-and dined-out collapse. Much laughter and fresh material to embellish the tales we’d all tell later.
The birthday event is now our annual pilgrimage of friendship, shopping local vintage and resale, debating both tame and wildly off-road décor movies, eating at favorite dives around town. I’ve named us The Three Junketeers, a proud and auspicious title.
Fast forward to 2017 and my website is a product of these experiences, plus a chance to report, illustrate and promote a hobby and trade I’ve enjoyed for over thirty years.
With the phenomenal success of HGTV’s Fixer Upper TV series filmed in Waco, antique shopping--often called junking —has become a bucket list activity among visitors and tourists during their stay here. In fact, it’s currently the top item on that list for the majority of them.
Likewise, the community’s vintage and antique merchants as well as our small locally-owned vendors, boutiques and artisans have thrived and expanded in recent years. Our antique dealers, consignment sellers, and artists are working diligently to update and replenish their goods to meet the demands of the increased customer base.
I’ve always been a journalist for hire, writing the items and feature topics assigned to me. WacoJunqueandFunque.com is the first time I’ll write in my own voice about topics I choose.
For me, that’s a whole new world—exciting, promising, energizing and slightly terrifying. The photos and written materials are mine unless otherwise noted.
WacoJunque&Funque will also offer area antiquing shopping tours—personally guided and curated by me, on charter transportation for visitors. We'll visit many of the places you've seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper episodes.
Thank you for stopping by--I hope you’ll check in with us again soon!

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